Project works and services

We carry out design of new construction, reconstruction, major repairs and repair of the following objects:
• highways of all technical categories;
• city streets and prospectuses, avenues;
• cottage settlements (all engineering infrastructure);
• buildings and constructions of industrial and civil appointment;
• traffic intersections;
• overpasses through automobile and the railroads;
• bridges of any class;
• intra quarter drives;
• intra domestic territories and parkings;
• helipads and airfields;
• technical means of regulation of movement;
• traffic light posts;
• schemes of a dislocation of road signs and horizontal marking on roads;
• actions for traffic safety increase;
• external networks of plumbing and sanitary;
• networks of external lighting and power supply;
• improvement;
• master plans;
• territory site plannings;
• internal engineering networks;
• fire-prevention fire extinguishing;
• treatment facilities with power up to 15 000 m3/d.


Land measuring

Land measuring - set of works for creation of topographic maps or site plans by means of measurements of distances, heights, corners, etc. with help of various tools (land measuring), and also obtaining images of a terrestrial surface from aircraft (aerial photograph, space shooting). Land measuring especially vast scales, is the most demanded type of geodesic works. Needs for it can arise at surveys, updating of topographic maps, drawing up general plans, drawing up working drawings, for the solution of a vertical layout and landscaping design. On the basis of survey it is possible to construct digital model of the district.

We carry out the following types of topographical works:
• collecting basic data;
• creation and updating of topographical plans of a special purpose of scales 1:500 – 1:2000, intended for development of project documentation on separate construction objects, sites of city building and routes of linear constructions;
• survey of underground and elevated constructions for development of construction of different function objects;
• creation of electronic topographical plans and digital models of the district.


Engineering and geodesic surveys

Engineering (or applied) geodesy - one of the main directions of modern geodesy. The engineering geodesy develops a technique of geodeыic measurements for surveys, design, construction and operation of engineering constructions, adjustment of designs, supervision over deformations of constructions.

Problems of engineering geodesy treats:
• receiving materials for design;
• definition on the district of provision of the main axes of constructions' borders and other characteristic points;
• providing the district of geometrical forms and the sizes of constructions according to the project;
• definition of deviations of constructed object from the project (executive shootings);
• studying deformations of constructions' basis which arrise under the influence of various factors.

We carry out the following types of engineering and geodesic works (services):
• collecting basic data;
• cameral and field tracing of linear constructions;
• engineering and geodesic surveys for creation of electronic passports of streets;
• setting out objects of any complexity;
• drawing up and passing technical reports in state examination authorities.


Geological surveys

Engineering geology - the branch of geology studying the top horizons of the crust and dynamics of last one with connection of construction activity of people. It considers structure, texture and properties of rocks as soil; develops forecasts of those processes and the phenomena which arise at interaction of constructions with a enviroment situation, and ways of possible impact on processes for the purpose of elimination of their adverse effect.

We carry out the following types of engineering-geological surveys:
• collecting basic data;
• core drilling and auger drilling of wells;
• drilling by the manual boring tool in hard-to-reach spots up to 10 m deep.
• drilling by drilling rigs for the set depth;
• laboratory researches of geological samples;
• drawing up and delivery of technical reports in authorities of state examination.


Ecological surveys

Engineering-ecological surveys are made at stages of coordination of the land plots and design and serve for a guarantee of prevention of harmful ecological consequences from placement of these objects and preservation of qualitative and safe conditions of accommodation of the population in adjacent areas to these objects.

During surveys information which is necessary for ecological justification of project documentation is received. Materials of engineering-ecological surveys are used for development:
- the section "Assessment of Impact on Environment" (EIA) in justification of investments;
- the section "Environmental protection" in the construction project.

We carry out the following types of engineering-ecological surveys:
• collecting, processing and the analysis of the library and published materials and data on a condition of environment;
• researches and assessment of a radiation situation:
- assessment of external gamma radiation on the district (gamma survey), measurements of the power of an ambient dose equivalent (PAD) of gamma radiation;
- assessment of radiation safety of soil on a site – soil approbation on the content of natural radionuclides (RN) and on existence of technogenic pollution;
- assessment of a potential radon-affection of the territory – density measurement of radon stream from soil.
• sanitary chemical research of the soil, surface and underground water (identification of existence and assessment of the content of compounds of heavy metals and organic compounds);
• sanitary and bacteriological ,sanitary and parasitological research of soil condition, surface and underground water (coliform bacteria), an index enterococcus, pathogenic bacteria (including Salmonella), bio - and geohelminthosis);
• sanitary and toxicological researches of soil (definition of a class of soil hazard);
• research and assessment of physical impacts (noise level, infrasound, vibration, electromagnetic radiation);
• research of atmospheric air on sanitary and chemical parameters.


Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys

Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys consist of:
• collecting, analysis and generalization of materials of hydrometeorological and cartographical study of the territory;
• reconnaissance inspection of the area;
• supervision over characteristics of a hydrological mode of water objects and climate, incidental works on their studying;
• cameral processing of materials with definition of hydrological estimated characteristics ;
• drafting the technical report (conclusion).


COMPETENCY CERTIFICATE for works on engineering surveys

Types of work for engineering surveys:

1 . Works on carrying out engineering and geodesic surveys;
2 . Works on carrying out engineering-geological surveys;
3 . Works on carrying out engineering and hydrometeorological surveys;
4 . Works on carrying out engineering-ecological surveys;
5 . Works on carrying out engineering and geotechnical surveys;
6 . Works on inspection of a soil conditions of buildings and constructions bases , their construction designs.


COMPETENCY CERTIFICATE for works on preparation of project documentation

Types of works' list for preparation of project documentation:

1 . Works on preparation of the scheme of the planning organization of the land plot;
2 . Works on development of architectural concepts;
3 . Works on development of constructive and space-planning decisions;
4 . Works on preparation of data on the engineering equipment, networks of technical providing, the list of technical actions, contents of technological decisions;
5 . Works on preparation of the project of the organization of construction;
6 . Works on preparation of the project of the organization of works on demolition or dismantle of objects;
7 . Works on development of actions on environmental protection;
8 . Works on development of actions on providing fire safety;
9 . Works on development of actions on providing access of disabled people;
10 . Works on preparation of the project right of way of linear object;
11 . Works on development of technological and constructive solutions of linear object;
12 . Works on preparation of the materials connected with safety of buildings and constructions, as a part of the section "Other Documentation in the Cases Provided by Federal Laws";
13 . Works on the organization of preparation of the project documentation, which is engaged by a builder or the customer on the basis of the contract of legal entity or the individual entrepreneur (the general designer).